Elegant Modern Design Zapper For Mosquitoes – Kid and Pet Safe Durable Indoor Bug Zapper Effective Ror All Patio and Backyard Electric Best Bug Zapper, Electric Bug Zapper Outdoor, Mosquito Zapper Outdoor

  • SAFE AND DURABLE ELECTRIC BUG ZAPPER: This zapper for mosquitoes is made of fireproof ABS plastic, which houses the high-voltage electric grid. It is also securely fenced, which ensures that it is fully protected from any accidental touch from humans or pets. The mosquito killer outdoor is based on light bulbs that attract mosquitoes to the light and zap them instantaneously when they come into touch with the light.
  • EASY TO CLEAN FLY KILLER: The bug zapper removable collection tray at the bottom collects insect detritus. You may easily reassemble it after rotating, emptying, and rinsing it. You may hang the electric fly catcher on a tree or on your porch because it has a convenient hanging ring.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR WATERPROOF: The electric bug zapper eliminates indoor mosquitoes while keeping the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom clean, safe, and ecologically friendly. It is also suitable for children and pets. Bug zapper outdoor are used to keep insects out of the courtyard, deck, and outdoor living space. The waterproof rating is IPX4. It can be used even while it’s raining.

Product Description

Zapper For Mosquitoes

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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    Every summer I have about a million moths and other gross flying bugs congregate around the light above my front door to my work shop. Every time I opened my door I was accosted by a bunch of gross bugs that would fly into my work area and my hair. I hung this budget friendly bug zapper up right next to the light and it killed all of the bugs. I used it all last summer.


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