Get Rid of Insects with Izbie Fly Traps for Indoors and Outdoors – Powerful Catcher & Killer for Mosquito, Fruit Fly, Gnat – Indoor Fly Trap and Mosquito Repellent, Bug Light & Sticky Glue

  • Protect your family and pets with our safe and effective fruit fly traps for indoors and outdoor! We understand how important it is to keep your loved ones safe, which is why our gnat traps use UV light and sticky glue boards to trap and eliminate pesky insects without any harmful chemicals or electric shocks. Keep your home safe and peaceful with our innovative indoor insect traps!
  • Enjoy a peaceful and fly-free home with our innovative fly traps! We know how annoying buzzing and zapping can be, which is why our traps operate quietly without any loud noises. Our stylish and effective traps are perfect for any home or office and are designed to trap and kill flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, and more. Say goodbye to annoying flies and buzzing with our innovative traps!
  • Keep your outdoor space fly-free with our waterproof and powerful outdoor electric fly zapper! We understand how frustrating it can be to have flies and other flying insects invade your outdoor space, which is why our traps feature waterproof roofs and powerful fans to attract and trap pesky insects. Our traps are easy to hang or place on the ground and are perfect for patios, bbq areas, and more. Enjoy your outdoor space bug-free with our effective outdoor traps!

Product Description

Mosquito Repellent

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  1. Chelsy
    Chelsy says:

    Battling moths in our usually very clean home for the first time. I have used trap in our walk-in clothes closet and after a couple of days I’ve got quite a few. I have hung the Dr Killigan’s traps around our house for about 6 months after professional carpet cleaning, going through entire clothes closet and they do work, but these electric small traps (I bought a 2nd one) are cheaper in the long run. During Covid my husband didn’t wear suits. We discovered HOLES in the fabric from moths and had to get rid of some nice suits! Check your clothes that you don’t wear often. We don’t have pets bringing in moths and all windows tight and screened. First time in 16 years to have moths. tip: I did put a piece of clear tape on bottom of white sticky disc to keep it from sliding when I open to check on my kills!


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